Kitten Family

Welcome to Campfire Cabins

Our Adventure

We officially began our family adventure in 1993 when we discovered Ruidoso as a newly married couple enjoying weekend getaways.  First, we rented nightly rental cabins for several years.  Then, we decided we would like to invest in the mountain community by getting our own cabin.

We purchased our first cabin in Ruidoso in 1997. Our family enjoyed many weekends and holidays in this cabin, so much so that we decided to purchase another one several years later. We purchased Bear Country Cabin.   It was our hope that other families could experience the same fun, enjoyment and memories that we did. This second cabin was our first try at nightly rental cabins. To our delight, we discovered through written comments in the cabin journal that over the years people got engaged, got married, celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, and in general, made wonderful memories and had a great time in our rental cabin.

Discovering that we could help others make wonderful memories, we decided to expand to include more nightly rental cabins in which people could make their own great times and wonderful memories. In 2016 we officially launched Campfire Cabins with four nightly rental cabins. Each cabin has its own personality and theme, with several different sizes available.  We have plans to grow and expand with a few more cabins and it is our hope that you will choose to stay at one of our Campfire Cabins.  We hope you create great memories with your friends and family. Enjoy!